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How to find a good cellphone

Eric Stork

Sep 21, 2014
I bought my first smartphone (Moto E2) last year for low cost. It has been OK but there are things I do not like about it.
  • Twice almost ran out of storage for apps, 8GB total, default apps take up over half
  • Startup, shutdown, load and response times are often slow
I am wondering if there is something better and how to find it. I am not that current on cellphone tech and such. I simply want something for:
  • Calls
  • A few simple apps (local news, transit, info)
  • Possible streaming/recording that I am considering
I ditched the games as most take up too much space, on the E2 a number of these take up so much space I almost run out of memory. I know some basic stuff now thanks to the E2 experience but it seems limited in function. How do I find out info I need to determine if a possible upgrade is out there?


There are a ton of good quality phones out there, even if you are not looking to spend 4-500 on a higher end model. Nokia 4.2 is good, Galaxy A10e, Moto G7. You can also find some pretty decent prices on upgrades if you have a service like Verizon, ATT, etc.. I bought a Moto Z4 which is their flagship phone, for about $12 a month for 2 years with Verizon through Best Buy.

Used phones are also an option, Samsung S7 or S8 are good quality with good screens and cameras and are in the $200 range or less at times. Just need to make sure whatever you look at works with your carrier.
IMO there are only a few phones, of modern generation, of CONSIDERATION to buy, and every single one of them is priced FAR beyond any realistic value.

With that said...

I went for a long time buying the least expensive phones I could find. They were always lackluster, right out of the box, and got worse really quickly. I have come to find that if you buy the biggest, baddest phone on the market you can typically use it for around 4-5 years before what the wife and I call the "kill code" get's sent out and suddenly doesn't work right any more.
CARRY THE INSURANCE, and cough up the crazy money to buy a good phone straight off.
IMO there are also a lot of plusses to a phone that allows you to turn off and uninstall the bloat ware mess that comes in them. Got to do a bit of looking to see who/what will allow such, if at all. One of the features I particularly liked about some of the Google phones. I personally use Samsung Galaxies.

Lastly I don't install ANY app that I don't absolutely need. I take social media apps OUT of my phone, I don't do games on my phone, and the face changing apps...a lot of that mess is nefarious anyway and will certainly lead to even a well spec phone to perform poorly.
Jul 7, 2020
I bought Iphone 7 last year for low cost. It has been perfect but there are things I dnt like about it.
  • No call recording
  • no android game installed
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