Question How to find default fan curve in EVGA Precision X1

Aug 8, 2019
Tweaking an newly installed EVGA 2070 Super FTW3 Ultra. By default it has fan stop enabled, where the fans don't start running until around 40-50c, which I'm fine with. However, in the fan curve settings in EVGA Precision X1, none of the fan curve presets have fan stop (they all have the fans running at all times, just slower at lower temps): therefore I know that none of the presets are the default curve.

Ideally I'd like to adjust the default fan curve just a little, to be a little more aggressive than the default when hitting 65-70c, but I don't know how to do this when I have no idea what the default curve actually is. Does anyone know how I might be able to proceed here? Thanks!