Question How to find replacement/equivalent for MSI 2A9C motherboard ?

Jan 24, 2021
After changing gpus and before getting a new psu, a technician said that my mobo was most likely faulty. My HP Pavilion Slimline S5640KR's stock psu(HP 2701C0 ) had no problem running a 40watt ddr2 gpu but all ddr3 gpus I tried either had a running fan but no signal(pc continued to boot though) or one would run then power off on its own as the pc continued.

I'm now looking for a replacement mobo of the same model. If can't find one how do I go about looking for a compatible low profile mobo. I have an i3 540 and a couple of 2gb ddr3 ram sticks.
Does your computer still work with its "original" GPU?

I doubt you'll find "compatible" board which is not the same model as this one. My advice would be to search places like eBay for original boards.

Most probably, your problem is in the PSU, not the motherboard. Not easy (if at all) to replace it either.