[SOLVED] How to find serial number of failed USB drive?

Hello, I recently had my PNY 128GB USB3.0 drive fail. I need to find the serial number in order to RMA. How?

The below is what I plan to say to PNY and it explains what happens with the drive.
Please point anything out that I should/shouldn't mention to PNY?


Earlier in the year I purchased a PNY TURBO 128GB USB3 drive. I was pleased with the performance but only used the device a few times be failure.

First, the USB Drive was only detected in Windows disk management intermittently and usually with a "No media" error. I have read this error means the drives NAND flash failed, which is very disappointing. Even when the USB is detected, it did not show up in file explorer and is could not have any data written or read.

I did manage to get the drive to show up in disk management today after a few tries, however, it showed a raw file system and shortly disappeared again.

Yes, I have tried several computers and USB ports (2.0 and 3.0) with the same result.

I have had a poor experience with multiple products from PNY (including a pricey GPU) now and would like this to be rectified...