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There are 3 different types of stats recorded on charts around the forums, I will show you how to access them all

The 3 pages are:
  1. Notable Members Page - this shows the scores of the top 20 people at that moment, based on different measurements.
  2. Billboard - Page that shows current top 20 posters
  3. Category charts - These pages show the performance of all users in individual categories
1. Notable Members page

a) On front page of forums, click the Members header

b) This will take you to this page

c) If you click the See more or the header of one of the charts, you get taken to more detail about the chart

Note: The Staff members and Moderators charts are just lists for contacting them.

2. How to access the BIllboard

a) From front page of forum, on the left hand side column, click the arrow next to Members header

b) Click the link to BIllboard that appears under Members

this will show you this page:

3. How to access Category specific charts

There are two ways to get to the same menu:

1. Go to members link mentioned above, click the arrow next to it, and click Trophies link (this page shows you all available trophies, whether you have them or not)​
Most trophies (except the special ones at top) look something like this on the all screen:​

You will have a tick next to icon if you currently have any level(s) in that trophy


2. Go to your Profile page and click the trophies tab which shows the trophies you actually have:​

click on the header for a trophy to access the charts for that category - In the example used, the Windows 10 link is highlighted to take us to

The first page of a Chart will show a summary of category and avatars of those who have the various levels.
To access the charts from here, click the Most Answers button which will take you to final page where you find 3 pages, This month, Last month and Ever

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