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How To Find The Ip Address Of A Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro is one of the best models introduced by Apple. This MacBook Pro is much thinner and lightweight when compared with the other MacBook’s by Apple. The OLED display, the touch bar, the thunderbolt ports are some of the standout features of this model of MacBook Pro. You might want to know the IP address of your MacBook PRO to set your network options and configurations. Here is how you can easily determine the IP address of the MacBook Pro.

Step 1
Click the ‘Mac Apple Icon’

Foremost, single-click the ‘Mac Apple Icon’ to view the primary control options of the MacBook Pro. The icon is present at the top left corner of the MacBook Pro title bar.

Step 2
Click the ‘System Preferences’ option
‘System Preferences’
is where the setting options like sound, general, desktop, app store, cloud, Bluetooth, energy-saving network are present. To view these options, click the ‘System Preferences’ options from the list of options.

Step 3
Click the ‘Network’ option

In the ‘System Preferences’ window, click the ‘Network’ option as shown below to view the various network settings including Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, proxies, hardware, etc.

Step 4
Click the ‘Wi-Fi’ option

In the ‘Network’ window, the three main options include Wi-Fi, iPhone USB, and PPTP. Here, click the ‘Wi-Fi’ option to view the primary Wi-Fi settings of your MacBook Pro.

Step 5
Click the ‘Advanced’ option

When you click the ‘Wi-Fi’ option, you will find details like the network name, status and the option to join the new network. To view the advanced Wi-Fi settings, TCP/IP option, click the ‘Advanced’ option.

Step 6
Click the ‘TCP/IP option

In the ‘Advanced Wi-Fi’ settings window, you will find the horizontal tab options including Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, DNS, Proxies, hardware, etc. Here, choose the ‘TCP/IP’ option.

Step 7
‘The IP v4 address is found

Under the ‘TCP/IP’ section, you will find details including the ‘IP V4 address , subnet mask, router and configuration detail.

‘You can now easily find the IP address of a MacBook Pro by following the above steps in a sequential manner’
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