How to find the IP address of a wireless router on a hardwired network


Jan 10, 2010
18,510 by default the router's ip address is Doesn't work because I changed something long ago and I've forgotten - should have written in down. set up is:

From the cable/dsl modem, to my 8 port wired (linksys) router (no wifi). Ports 1 - 6 are used to wire various jacks througout the house. Port 7 is where my D-Link wifi router is plugged into. I have disabled DHCP on the DLink wifi router and basically use it for a wifi for random clients (iphone, ps3, laptops, etc).

In order to set that up and have it working, and yes, it's working very well, I've had to change the DLink's IP address. I just don't remember it now and I cannot access the DLink's admin pages.

I don't want to reset it factory because it IS working now and I'm anxious I'd be unable to set it up again. So long background, short question:

is there a way to find out the IP address of the Dlink wifi router?


That won't work because the gateway IP belongs to the WIRED-ONLY router. The OP has added wireless via a second router (which is why he disabled its DHCP server), so it's NOT the gateway IP.

You could try using one of the many IP scanners available on the ‘net:

Of course it helps if you at least an inkling, and hopefully it's the same subnet, just to keep the scanning process within reason. On a small network you’re only get a limited # of hits, and so anything you can’t otherwise account for must be the AP.

Also, usually you can backup the router's configuration to a file. Perhaps back it up, load the file w/ a binary editor (e.g., EditPad Lite, or even Notepad in a pinch) and search for something that appears to be the IP. Admittedly a bit crude but worth a shot.



In the first router there is usually a place that shows all the components connected to the router and what IP addresses are being used. Temporarily disconnect everything else and just leave the dlink router. The only leased IP will be the Dlink.


Aug 14, 2012