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How To Find The Mac Address Of Macbook Pro

Knowing your MacBook Pro´s MAC address is very useful for a plethora of different activities. This number is not displayed right away like the name of your Wi-Fi connection, but it is not hard to find either. Follow the simple steps of this tutorial and find your MAC address in a heartbeat.

Step 1
Hit the Preferences icon

On the lower section of your screen you will find the “Preferences” icon. Click on it and it will bring up a menu with many options.

Step 2
Access the ‘Network’ menu

Now, choose the one under the name of “Network”

Step 3
Go to the “Advanced” configurations

On the ‘Network’ menu, you will find a button on the bottom right that says ‘Advanced’. Click on this button to see the advanced settings of your network from your computer.

Step 4
Go to your “Hardware” tab

On the top right side of your screen you will see that the last option you have is called “Hardware”; click on it to access that menu.

Step 5
Get your MAC address

The MAC address will be written on the top part of the screen. You can copy it to a text file, take a screenshot or simply write it on a piece of paper and use it for whatever you need.

This easy tutorial can take you to know your MAC address within some simple clicks and it is an action you can repeat as many times as you like. Although it is not the only route to get to that info, we think it is the easiest.
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