How to fix a shorted GPU

Jun 18, 2018
I have a GPU that is pretty much dead. The PC doesnt show sign of life when i plug the GPU in with the power cable from the PSU. Its my brothers card, when he brought the computer to a repair shop they identified that it was the GPU that had died for some unknown reason (maybe the PSU fried it, although that seems unlikely to me because he has a fully modular 750W 80+ gold PSU from evga).

The symptoms are that when the GPU is plugged in and connected to the power supply, the PC won't turn on at all (no fan spinning or anything). however, when you unplug the cables to the GPU, the PC turns on like normal. I know for sure that it isnt any other components of the PC, (all other components are top notch). Ive also tried inserting it in another PC but same story.

Basically, i want to know if there is a way to fix the GPU (it was my brothers birthday this weekend so i bought him another GPU already (1060) but i want to know if there is a way to repair the old one (960). ) I heard that you can bake the PCB in the oven at 385 degrees for a few minutes to resolder the bits. The problem is i also heard that doing so releases gases that could be dangerous and that i shouldnt use my oven for any food after that (which kinda pisses me off tbh).

So bottom line is, im wondering if anyone knows how to fix a GPU that has seemingly shorted out/ are the toxic gases from baking the PCB really that dangerous? But more importantly, will baking the PCB fix this kinda of problem? (because from what ive seen, baking the PCB works when the GPU doesnt work but the PC still boots up when it is connected, whereas for me the PC wont turn on at all when it is connected)

Again, im 100% sure it is not a PSU problem.


No there is no good way of fixing a failed video card. You can try the oven thing, have not heard of anyone tossing their oven after doing it, but of course any time you mix electronics and heat you can have fumes coming out, and that is why there is a warning.