Question How to Fix BIOS Blackscreen (BIOS wont boot)

Feb 16, 2019
So i got a Oculus Rift Recently and i removed my HDMI for my Pc and Replaced it with a DP to HDMI and used the HDMI port for the Oculus. But after this when i booted the PC it would not give me the option to enter bios. It would just be a blackscreen until i get into the log in screen. So i tried unplugging the Oculus and it didn't fix. I then tried to wipe my pc but after the first questions about full wipe or semi wipe or whatever it just went to a black screen. I need to fix this because i cant enter the bios or reset my pc. I dont know if it is my Monitor or my Motherboard.

Intel Core i7-8700k
EVGA Geforce GTX 1070 SC2 8gb
Asus ROG z370-i Mini ITX
Corsair Vengence LPX 16GB 3000hz
Cooler Master Master Air MA610p
Corsair 850W 80+ Semi Modular ATX Power Supply

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