Question How to fix boot loop on Acer laptop, keeps on restarting, only displays black screen

Jul 17, 2020
Hello, I hope you can help me with my problem. I resetted my acer laptop to completely restore it to its factory settings. While it was resetting around 70-80% it suddenly turned off and says it has a critical low battery. From what I know, it wasn't supposed to do that while resetting. I'm confused because I did plug the charger before doing it.

Now when I turn it on, it gets stuck on a boot loop, I only see the acer logo and under it says "restarting", after a few seconds I see a black screen and it will restart again. It does this a few times and after a while it will again say "critical low battery". Please help me

Mod edit: OS = Windows 10


I suggest you find another adapter to use or at least make sure your charger power plugs are in properly. Does the charging light go on when it's connected? You will need to start the restore procedure again once you sort out the power issue, there should be an option to do a factory restore from a pre-boot menu, sometimes F8 or F12 can get you where you need to start it from. If that continues to fail you can download a Win 10 boot disk setup from Microsoft and use that to install Windows clean on the system, but then you need to go to Acer support site and install the drivers for your system from there.
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