Question How to fix broken emoji fonts ?

Mar 18, 2023
In the process of installing a Japanese language pack on my PC, I ended up breaking several emojis that now show up as blank squares. The problem is persistent regardless of what web browser I'm using. I tried uninstalling the JP language pack. I tried everything listed here. I'm not sure what else to do.



Win 11 Master
I wonder if running system restore and rolling system back to a date prior to the installation would fix it. I suspect its a registry setting somewhere... I couldn't tell you where, I generally don't go in there.

looking around, there isn't an obvious way. It seems uninstalling the font associated with emoji hasn't worked before.

it appears its an all or nothing thing. You can't just remove some and not all. (if you do that, backup registry first - MS really should have said that - )

Another thought, Could make a new user as I assume its on a user by user basis.
create a new user and make it admin -
logon and see if its got same problem

If it fixed it, you can (while logged onto normal user) copy the contents of C:/users/Olderusername over the top of the new user folder in same directory. Then all youmay need to do is set up a few other things perhaps like steam logons and Onedrive. Its pretty easy to swap users.