How to fix BSOD Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area


Apr 21, 2014

thank you for your reply.
May be you are correct. But I must mention that My RAM is new and I also ran windows memory diagnostic to examine the RAM for any errors but it haven't found anything.
I think, Its something else. If you have any Idea except this, Please let me know.
Thank you anyways.
Use memtest86+. Even if it passes, try running with only a single stick to see if the problem goes away or not. The main thing is to eliminate the RAM.

Its possible the HDD is to blame; the crash occurred in the NTFS driver, though that could be coincidence. The next test if the RAM passes would be a chkdsk to ensure there are no bad sectors.
Is it happening often, or just that one time? If it keeps happening, is it failing in the same driver?

My main concern now is the mobo or PSU is at fault. Next step: Run with a single memory stick, and see if the errors go away. If not, swap sticks and physical RAM slots on the motherboard.

The idea is to tie the error to either a specific stick/slot if it is a RAM problem, or otherwise tie it to some other component. Things it could be aside from a hard RAM failure:

-)RAM might need over-speced voltage for proper operation
-)Ram might need over-speced timings for proper operation
-)Motherboard might need over-speced voltage (NB most likely) to drive multiple sticks of RAM
-)PSU might be "noisy" leading to failures in other parts of the system
-)Windows might have a driver problem
-)HDD might have bad/corrupt sectors

And so on. Only thing to do is eliminate the possibilities one by one.