How to fix cyclic redundancy check on external hard drive


Feb 9, 2012
The hard disk (Toshiba 2.5'') does not respond! it appears on the PC screen with the names of the files stored into it. However, i cannot access any files, photo, word, or video. the hard disk does not even accept scanning!
If the disk is only powered by USB, try a dual-power USB cable like this: the drive may not be getting enough power to function properly. Make sure your drive has the correct interface for the cable, you may need a Micro USB instead of a Mini.

Next, take the drive out of the case, and plug it into a PC directly with a SATA cable, see if it will read the files.

If not, you can try to run a program to fix the file system, if possible, on the drive. Make sure you read over the directions to prevent wiping the whole disk by selecting a wrong option.