Question How to fix no boot b2, b4, and d7 error codes


Jun 2, 2017
Pc specs
Mobo: evga z77 ftw
Cpu: i7 3770k
Gpu 1660ti
256gb ssd
1tb hdd
4x4 ram 16gb

Ive been running that with my r9 270x which is a very sup par card these days so i just purchased a 1660ti this week along with a new nzxt case and 144hz acer monitor. With a decent 4.2 - 4.5 ghz overclock and that gpu i figured i could get some good performance out of this setup.

Problems arose when im putting everything into the new case. I go to turn it on and no signal to the monitor, motherboard giving me codes like b2, b4, d7

B2 means legacy option rom initalization

B4 means hot usb

D7 means no input device detected.

I couldnt figure this for a few hours but finally it allowed me to have a keyboard plugged in and not show the b4 code. But i get an A2,A0 code.

A2 means no OS detected
A0 means no storage detected.

Took me a while to find out it wanted my ssd to be into one particular sata port.
FINALLY it gets to bios screen. I turn off my overclock and save and exit. Waiting for windows to load up and bam blue screen. Okay hmm

Satisfied that the board is working sorta, i decided to put everything back in the case.

Once its all back in i fire it up and im back to square one at B2, B4, B7 error codes.

Does anyone have any experience or tips? Dont have the budget right now to buy another motherboard for 150-200 after spending about 800 on new stuff