Question How to fix NTOSKRNL.EXE? BSODs HELP

Nov 13, 2020
Hello, i have been getting all sorts of bsods and this seems to be at the root of it. I have tried clean installing windows 10 and tried older versions. So far nothing has worked. Tried to run memory diagnostics, memtest64, system file checker, chkdsk to check if something was faulty like the ram or the ssd and nothing. I have tried to update drivers through the armory crate and still nothing has helped. My pc besides getting bsods, also turns on after i shut it down roughly about 10 mins after. please any help would be much appreciated.

Here are my specs and the minidumps.!AoZ5d7C3YTCdi0hwKr8KdaLw9Ei9?e=hFMdwa
Nov 13, 2020
Just signed up because I was browsing the forum with the EXACT SAME PROBLEM and came across this.

If this helps at all, I have gone through everything he has. I have run memtest86, restored with DISM, ran sfc, ran chkdsk /f /r all at least one hundred times just keeping my windows installation together. I brought the PC into a shop just to be told a week later they could not find any issues either. I replaced the motherboard, RAM, and PSU. I've reinstalled windows about 10 times. It seemingly works fine for about a day or two, but when I play games it makes for more issues.

Weirdly enough it often happens when exiting games, I thought only in fullscreen, but I have also had it happen in windowed. I also had my PC boot into safe mode this morning to crash immediately at the windows login screen with the same error: REFERENCE_BY_POINTER followed by probably 10-20 0xc000021a errors followed by a randomly successful reboot.

Sanity is at risk here :ROFLMAO:

edit: also did try replacing the SSD with a HDD and other SSDs to no avail; I'll provide dump files when I can as well...I don't at all mean to hijack the thread, but I hoped perhaps it would be a similar issue and it could be of use :)
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NTOSKRNL = windows kernel. It handles all driver requests, power management, and memory management. It sits between Hardware and Applications. It got blamed but its not the cause

There is no single answer to why this crashes

@monoamine I would suggest making your own thread and include the info requested in the top post (don't do 2nd post in thread) here -

@IamSylus I will ask a friend to convert dumps.


Hi, I ran the dump files through the debugger and got the following information: This link is for anyone wanting to help. You do not have to view it. It is safe to "run the fiddle" as the page asks.
File information:111320-9718-01.dmp (Nov 13 2020 - 06:40:12)
Probably caused by:memory_corruption (Process: System)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 0 Hour(s), 03 Min(s), and 14 Sec(s)

File information:111320-9343-01.dmp (Nov 13 2020 - 07:09:52)
Probably caused by:ntkrnlmp.exe (Process: LightingServic)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 0 Hour(s), 24 Min(s), and 34 Sec(s)

File information:111320-9203-01.dmp (Nov 13 2020 - 04:49:42)
Probably caused by:memory_corruption (Process: LightingService.exe)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 1 Hour(s), 11 Min(s), and 13 Sec(s)

File information:111320-8031-01.dmp (Nov 13 2020 - 03:22:22)
Probably caused by:memory_corruption (Process: System)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 0 Hour(s), 01 Min(s), and 34 Sec(s)

File information:111320-7906-01.dmp (Nov 13 2020 - 03:38:03)
Probably caused by:memory_corruption (Process: mmc.exe)
Uptime:0 Day(s), 0 Hour(s), 14 Min(s), and 53 Sec(s)
Possible Motherboard page:
You have the latest BIOS already installed, version 1704.

This information can be used by others to help you. Someone else will post with more information. Please wait for additional answers. Good luck.


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My pc besides getting bsods, also turns on after i shut it down roughly about 10 mins after.
I wonder how it does that. Only way I can think of is a bug in fast start-up as PC can't restart if its off. Try turning this off - as PC shouldn't be able to turn itself on once fast startup is off.
With fast startup on, the PC is only asleep when you hit shutdown.
With fast startup off, PC is actually off when you shut it down.

Lighting service is part of Aura (Asus), its what crashed in 2 BSOD, both appear to be after ssd actions.

Clock watchdog timeout appears to be a hardware error associated with CPU
WHEA - Windows Hardware Error Architecture - an error called by CPU but not necessarily caused by it.
can be caused by overclocking, I assume you aren't since you don't have a K processor
Can be caused by heat
Can you remove AI Suite as it includes a file that can change hardware values
Can be caused by any hardware

Page fault in non paged area - the non paged area is an area of the ram used mainly by drivers which have to run in ram, its an error caused by PC trying to move a driver onto the page file

what ssd do you have?

try running this on cpu -