Question How to fix rapid discharge of laptop battery even though laptop is turned off ?

Aug 15, 2022

So recently I purchased an HP Pavilion 15 laptop (i5 11th gen, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) And I ran into a problem: Whenever I turn off the laptop it looses its charge really quickly. During a span of a night (approx 10h) It went from almost full 91% charge to 20%. I tried several things like disabling fast boot and not allowing USB ports to transfer energy while the PC is off. But they didn't really help just slowed the discharging process by a tiny amount. Not really sure what I can do at this point. Do you have any possible tips & tricks I can try out? Thanks!
It's second hand been used for around a year so I think I'm kinda out of luck ;D Maybe I just could replace a battery, not sire how much it would cost tho
Yes, likely a faulty battery.
That is probably why it was sold.

If you buy a replacement battery look for a genuine HP replacement of the exact original part number.

"compatible" replacements are cheaper, but they do not always work well. Laptop batteries may have proprietary chips installed. Possibly the battery you have now is one such.