How To How to fix the POST error "Monitor or display card error" for Medion/MSI MS-7848 motherboards

Jan 1, 2020
Took me two days to figure this one out over the Christmas break (including stripping all the hardware out of the case and rebuilding the unit from scratch and testing almost every possible configuration), so i thought i would share the deceptively easy fix for this issue to save everyone else from going to the same trouble.

Motherboard: Medion MS-7848 -- this is a proprietary motherboard for the Medion Erazer desktop, and was manufactured by MSI/Microstar.

Issue: Computer not starting up, giving three beeps (long-short-short) during POST. As per the Award BIOS beep codes listing, this indicates an issue with the graphics card or monitor.

Fix: connect the graphics card to the monitor with a HMDI cable, instead of a DP cable. Yep, as simple as that.

Just FYI i tested this with a Gigabyte 1070 Windforce card, as well as a Geforce 970 Founders edition card, and was able to reproduce the steps several times. Not sure if the motherboard has the same issues with other GFX cards, so your mileage may vary.

Hope the above info helps other people who may run into the same issue.