How To How to fix "Uninstalled Nvidia drivers, screen goes black".

Aug 30, 2019
So, first of all. You can try going in the BIOS settings (F8 on startup) and reset them there if possible.
  1. If that's not possible, open your computer case and look for a CMOS battery on your motherboard. It looks like a big watch battery, simply said - silver pancake. Take it our, wait for a minute or two, and put it back in.
  2. if that doesn't work, search for a small TV, or a spare monitor in your home (If you dont have those you can just buy one (from 20$-50$). Some are really cheap. Disconnect your main monitor, and connect your new monitor or TV to your computer. Then simply go through the usual Nvidia driver installation process. Then, connect your main monitor as a second monitor, and your PC should detect it and automatically put it as a main monitor. If not, try messing around in the display settings.
  3. If that still doesn't work, search for a PC hardware shop near your area, they'd fix it in minutes, but that would cost a lil too.
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