how to flash a ati x1800gto?


Sep 2, 2006
hello time ago y bought a ati radeon gecube x1800gto and I totally screwed it.

Because I install ati tools and I really dont know what I did but and then when I restart my pc it shows no video (3 beep or something in not sure) and im sure thats is the vid card becasue I tested with other pc and viceversa.

my question is can I flash my vid card with a montherborad that have a integrated graphics chip (intel or whatever if yes how can i do it step bu spet please I really need to fix that GPU.

the facts is that when I install ati tools I did something I modify the bios of the GPU Something I dont remenber.

please tell If I can reflash the bios with a intel graphics chipset.


Jan 31, 2006
First, you don't flash video cards but rather install drivers. The first thing to try is to clear the CMOS, instructions will be in the mobo manual or the manual that came with the computer if you didn't build it. If you don't have the manual, should be able to find it on the mfg web site. If that doesn't do it, try another video card in the computer as well as try the card in a different computer. If the computer you try it in has onboard video, disable it in the BIOS before trying the card.