How to format a flash drive from bios


Nov 17, 2011

I have a 16gb Cosair Flash Voyager usb key. I tried creating a bootable unbuntu installation to install ubuntu on my netbook, which incidently didn't work and is a different matter.

The problem i have now is my usb key drive is not recognised on any machine, i keep getting the message on the taskbar when i insert it 'Unknown usb device'. I've looked on forums and tried everything people had to offer.. disk management, change the drive letter etc. but i'm not even seeing the device to begin with in the device management or removeable disk storage. I've also download and installed HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, but this didn't work either.. it simply doesn't see the device to format it.

I'm about to try formatting through the BIOS, but haven't found much info on it and thought i would ask here before doing so. Any help much appreciated

I use maxblast 5.0 for seagate and maxtor drives. It's a large file and sometimes detects new devices when windows won't. It might detect it if one of your main drives is seagate or maxtor. I click on the little icon on the right side of the device manager window after plugging in a new device. Maxblast would format my old defective ssd when windows wouldn't. But I don't know if it works with usb flash drives.