How to format and reinstall win XP?


Jan 7, 2006
My current family computer is quite old a P933mhz 512meg 40gig system and its been running slow recently I tried all the usual virus scans and spyware scans and registry scans and defragging and all that stuff but it doesnt seem to help, so I am going to do a fresh install of XP. Now how do I format the drive?? When I try to format from Windows it says the disk is in use and cannot be formatted, do I have to get a special program to do this??


Jan 11, 2006
Just remember that when you format you lose everything on the drive, so make sure you have everything backed up.

You can't format the drive while it's in use - like running the computer/OS.

If you have a full version of XP just insert the CD and boot from the CD. It'll walk you through formating steps. I usually kill the partition, create a new one and format (you'll come to a point where you're prompted for these options).

If you have an upgrade CD there should be an option for installing a fresh copy. I believe it'll reboot and walk you through the normal install steps.

Also check the minimum sys requirements for XP. It'll probably run slow on a 933mhz.


Jan 13, 2006
The 933 cpu is passable, but I would try like heck to get the memory up to 1gig. RAM is super key with XP!

1 gig would be a waste on a $#!+ box(not that i dont like p3 or anything) most none gaming pcs these days dont even have that much
(one you buy in rippoff stores that is)

my perants have a p3 800 with 256mb(was at 512 at one piont and there was no real difference except in games) and it runs fine