How to format memory card in windows seven


Sep 11, 2011
i want to format memory card in window 7.when i connect a memorycard by cardleader and when i open it there comes (format memory card before use)and when i format it so ther is also coming this windows was unaled to fotmat if?so i request you to solve my problem as soon as possible or show or(send)me a software on this link( if you can solve my problem now.


I would click the start button the go to computer. Then right click on your memory card and try to format it. You might have to change what you want to format it to what you need. You will see file system and I would try ntfs at first. Fat is the defaut system file.
Some memory cards have a 'write protect' switch. To format the card you need to write to it. See if it is write protected and if so, turn off write protect.

IF it is not write protected then see if you have some other device that can format the card (for example, a camera with CF slot can format it). Can something else format the CF but your PC can't -- that's a problem. Post again with details.

IF you can now format the CF, FAT32 is the usual file system for CF cards >2GB. Win7 shoudl default to this for a CF. If you go with something else (e.g. NTFS) then cameras may not be able to read or write the card.