How to formatt a go flex portable hard


Apr 8, 2012
i have a 500gb goflex portable harddrive that i would like to format to use in my playstation. when i got this harddrive my ps3 would not accept it or see it so i used my laptop and right click on it and pressed format. However this only fprmatted 29gb of the 500gb i have? how do i format the whole 500gb??


Jun 13, 2006
The following steps will erase all data on the drive, so make sure you don't need anything before proceeding. These steps are assuming you're using WinXP, Vista, 7.

With the drive connected, open the storage manager (right click on Computer/My Computer > select Manage > in newly opened window select Storage\Disk Management)

Locate this flex drive in the bottom half, of the right-side of the window - it should be the only drive that has a blue and black bar across the top; all others should have a blue bar all the way across.

Once located right click on the blue bar portion and select Delete partition - again make sure you're handling the correct drive, as you could easily accidentally delete information on a different drive if you've misidentified the drive.

Once the whole drive changes to having a black bar, right click again and select Create Simple Volume. This will prompt a pretty straightforward wizard - the most important setting to find is the volume capacity. Make sure it's maxed.

This will create a volume and format the drive, and you should be set to go.