Question How to gain access inside HP Touchsmart 520-1047C for upgrading ?


Oct 17, 2014
Hello... I hope I have posted in the correct forum. I picked the one I thought would match my question the best, but I am still unsure...

I was given one of the computers that I would never buy on my own. It is an all in one computer. It is called an HP TouchSmart 520-1047C

HP is no longer supporting it and they have no information on it. I think it was made around 2014. I want to install a linux port on it. It has plastic panels on the back, but I can not figure out how to remove them. I want to pull the old 5400 RPM hard drive and roll in a Samsung SSD. I also wish to upgrade the RAM.

Anyone here have a service manual for this old thing? If not, anyone here know how to open up the plastic slots on the back of this so I can get to the memory & hard drive? I did all I could trying to open them up with out breaking them. But I was not successful. I could use some help.

Many thanks!