Question How to get better wifi for a bigger house


Jul 21, 2013
Hello. I am not very knowledgable about wifi or routers at all. It would stayed that way if the internet was consistent. Unfortunately its not consistent and I have to wisen up to make things better. Currently the modem is in a crappy area of the house where my room gets very poor speeds (4-5 Mbps). I used a hardline to help myself (now getting 40 Mbps). The issue is I'm fairly certain we are paying for 500 Mbps and everyone upstairs wants access to better speeds. I went ahead and purchased an Asus RT-AC5300, Asus AX82U, and Linksys Velop AC2200 (all on sale) to test which was best. The RT seemed to be best but has dropped connection randomly. My current set up has me using a cat6 ethernet running downstairs to the modem and having another ethernet run from the router downstairs to a switch box (4 Ethernet ports) available for my mom to directly link and set her stuff up.
I'm looking to grab a GT-AC5300 instead of the RT.

Should I bother upgrading to the GT over the RT? Is there a better router than these 2? Are there better settings I can use to get the most out of RT? The house is 5000 + sqft and was built in 2007. Walls are all sheet rock I believe. Please let me know what you think!