[SOLVED] How to get Bluetooth working on my controller ?

Jul 31, 2021
Hi all
A very old gamer here that needs bit of help.
I have bought myself a cheap nonname (literally) controller to play mame games (mainly space invaders) via bluetooth( I dont want to be tripping over wires) on my laptop. I just cant get the bluetooth to work.
Controller works perfectly when wired up but I want to use bluetooth.
When I pair up as per instructions everything is OK and it pairs but doesnt connect at all. Dead as a dodo and the controller just keeps on flashing. The only way to regain control is to unpair. After much stuffing around I have noticed in the windows controller setup, that by toggling the home button it shifts between two modes
  1. Xbox controller
  2. Bluetooth game pad
but the only way of switching is to have it wired to the pc.

I suspect that I need to pair in bluetooth mode BUT
Everytime I disconnect the wire it defaults back to Xbox mode and wont connect properly on bluetooth.
I cant disconnect the cable and then toggle home since, once the cable is disconnected the home button starts the pairing process rather than toggling between modes. This is doing my head in. We are currently under strict lockdown here in Oz and I feel like having a little cry.

I suppose a solution would be to pair up WHILE connected by cable but when the cable is in the pc the home button toggles rather than pairs.......aaaargh.
Any ideas?

I have done ALL of the obvious things: drivers, updates etc.
windows bluetooth settings are useless for this
look in event viewer, switch there to system and there it will show you bluetooth connection logs, why it fails to connnect and such