Question How to get files back from ide hdd?

Giant Hunger

Jun 23, 2021
I have an old ide hdd from my old pc and i wanted to recieve my old photos back so i bought this ide adapter

After plugging it to my computer, the hdd spin but my pc does not recognize the hdd even with easeus data recovery software, what should i do to get my old photos back? And is my hdd going to be ok?
Tell us the whole procedure you do to connect the drive.
You should only connect a new drive if the PC is shut down completely, including power off switch, and then go into bios and make sure the proper port you connect the adaptor to is enabled.

Since the adaptor has power for both sides it could have a switch/jumper on it somewhere to chose between modes, sata to ide or ide to sata, it's not the same thing.