How to get files to save to a hard dish that isnt c:


Feb 14, 2012
Hello, i've just bought a ssd drive to increase loading times on a game i'm playing and also windows boot up speed. It's working well and i have re formatesd my old hdd and thats working along side. I have been able to re map downloads to my old hdd but when i extract/install these programes they go to my sdd drive which is now c:, i actually want them to extract to my old hdd which is i:, any help would be great, running vista 64, new ssd drive is ocz agility 3, old hdd is a 600gb. Programes i've tried this with are ventrilo, ccleaner and speccy, last 2 from priform.
Just to re-iterate teh downloads themselves are going where i want, to the i: (old hdd), but when i extract the downloads to install the programes they are going to the c: (new ssd drive) and i don't want this as it will get clogged up.