How to get into pc gaming


Aug 18, 2012
i have a system that i put together that im ordering soon, but i dont really know how to start. ive only gamed on xbox 360 before, and minecraft on my mac. but other the testing bf3 for 5 minutes on a demo pc at best buy, i dont know anything except how to build a gaming pc. i dont have any friends as of yet that play on pc. what games are really fun on pc, what are some things that i should try out on pc? probly a dumb question but i thought id ask anyway


Jun 30, 2009
Since you're new to pc gaming, I'd recommend something a little mindless and fast paced to get you hooked 'asap'! :) Try the following:
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1, 2 AND 3
Half Life 2 and its episodes (1 and 2) - The original of this is what made me the user I am today!! :D

Some of the slower ones:
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Deus Ex


Oct 6, 2012
Glad to have you onboard :D

Well it really depends on what you play on he over consoles, if you like fast tempo games and want huge battles with more players then your able to have on console, BF3 would be very addictive.

Other than that you can try out strategy games like Total war, as a introduction all of thoose series are great and can really give you something you would not of experienced on Console.

Another one if you want to try your hand at MMO would be Guildwars 2 and you may even meet people in your clan that play other PC games online and you can actually create a network that way. So even if your friends dont have a PC game rig. You still will have other people to play with when your actually online.

And Skyrim for just good old adventure. I also found Dragon Age Origins great, second one not so much but still it will be a change to what you have had before.


Oct 6, 2012

well ive been a gamer since i was 7 so this is how i got into it get one game play it get another play it and so on and so on here are a couple of em to get you started
deus ex human revolution
the witcher 1 and 2
mass effect all 3
call of duty 1 thru 8 altough it kinda gets repetitive
doom 3 its a classic also quake 4
assassins creed series
hitman series
elder scrolls 4 and 5 and 3 if you dont need good graphics
after these youl get the idea