How to get into windows xp without pressing f1 key

obete calvin

Nov 25, 2011
My computer always asked me to press f1 key whenever i start. what are the coused of these and if posible please help me with the approfiet step in orde to get read of these problem
My system configaration are
Acer veritoin 7600G pentium 4 CPU
Memory 256MB
Hard disk 80 GB
Proccessor 2.79 Ghz runing on windows xp sp2
any assistant will be highly recoganised
What exactly does it say when it starts up? F1 can be the BIOS utility, or it may say "blah blah happened, hit F1 to continue", or a few other things depending on the BIOS brand and PC brand. We need to know the blah blah part.

Considering the age of your computer, you may want to replace the CMOS battery, they are very cheap. Could be your BIOS is not able to save settings properly. Also do yourself a favor and upgrade to at least 1 gig of RAM, running anything on 256mb of ram now is like using a horse and buggy to do farm work these days.