Question How to get microphone to wireless earphones.

Feb 26, 2019
I am a theater director working with people with special educational needs. One of the members of the cast is illiterate, so she cannot remember her lines, as she cant read them to learn them.

I had previously devised a system where she has an earphone in, and I had recorded all of her lines by themselves. This would sometimes work, but sometimes she wouldn't keep up, or would need the line again. So the lines need, to be delivered in real time to her, in case something goes wrong.

The wireless earphones work, as they don't get in the way. Does anyone know of a way I can link wireless earphones to a microphone. This way I can have one actor speaking into a microphone and then the actor with special educational needs hearing the lines and repeating them. This could be ran through an Ipad or a laptop if needs be.

I could do this with a phone call, but that would be relying on a phone signal and that might not always be best. Any help would be much appreciated.


Go for simplicity.

Something such as a "walkie-talkie" approach only that the walkie talkie makes use of an earphone.

Google words such as "walkie talkie headphones".

Vary the search criteria as you learn and identify potential products.

Other thoughts: not sure about the environment (stage?) etc. but perhaps you could broadcast to her via Bluetooth headphones/earbuds.

Concept being a helper using a laptop that displays her lines. Helper follows script and prompts into a microphone that sends to her BT headphones.

Google: "how to broadcast microphone via Bluetooth"

Many links, not all particularly relevant. However you may discover something that is appropriately fitting.

Just delve deeper and see what options appear to be viable. Post what seems fitting to you and other ideas and suggestions may be posted. I have no problem with that.