How to get .MOV files to play in WMP in Vista

I've helped a lot of people with hardware on this forum and hoping someone can help me with a stupid software issue.

I have Vista 64.

My camera takes 1080p video in .Mov format, so I have to install Apple Craptime (quicktime) to play the movies on my computer. I absolutely hate Quicktime and end up uninstalling it after watching the videos, then I have to re-install to watch them again. Annoying.

I brought my flash drive with the movies on it to my friends house, she has Windows 7, which I installed on her older computer. The movies all show up as WMP files and play on WMP.

How can I get them to show up and play in WMP on MY computer? :pt1cable:

Thanks in advance.

Read the last post by Don Gullett:

Which points to the following link.
This Windows Vista Codec Package (also XP compatible) should do the trick. .mov is not listed in the initial part of the article, but does show on the screen shot tabs.
Thanks for the reply.

I installed the codec package. It changed all my .Mov files to WMP logo, but when I click on it I get this message:

"Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file."