How to get my question answerd


Jan 1, 2016
i never get my question answered and i know I am doing some thing wrong and yes i only asked 2 questions by i got a message saying that i need to improve plz send my any tips


an i have 2 graphics card (THats not all)

So i have a an amd hd 2gigs
And 4 gigs of ram will it be possible to get another amd card i want to upgrade soon into 12 gigs of ram and a new gpu (very poor)
you were sent an automated message as part of our thread screening process that happens for new members. we have this to A) eliminate spam/advertisers B) to make sure that good quality threads are being created as there are many threads that get created that nobody can answer because they do not have any information in them and C) it is hard to understand what you are trying to ask since the question is not phrased correctly.

your question asked if you can have 2 graphic cards, yet you provide no information on which card you have, what power supply you have and the rest of your system specs. without any information to go on answering this question is impossible. this is why you received the automated "please provide more information" response when the other moderator pushed the button.

as far as this thread here the reason why you might not be getting the answer you want may be for a few reasons:

A) they want to know what power supply you have. this is important as if it is not a good model or is low wattage it may not support certain upgrades. you said that you want two graphic cards, but without a good power supply you may not be able to support two. they cannot give you a "yes you can" or "no you can not" unless you provide them this info.

B) they want to know what seller/retailer you will buy from. our posters are from all over the world so may not know what prices are like in your market. they know hardware, but knowing prices is a regional thing. let them know where you will buy your parts from or give them a price list and they can help you find out what is the best buy.


short answer: i think its possible that you can run two 5450 cards together IF and only IF you have a decent power supply .. but the performance will be so terrible that it is better to just get a better card and run one. as far as what card to get in egypt.. i do not know the prices there.