Question How to get the most out of mesh signals ?

Nov 13, 2020

I wonder if anyone has some tips for me.
I have 75kvm apartment with 1 router and 3 mesh. Where would you put the 3 mesh to get the best internet signals in the whole apartment?
The apartment is rectangular and the router needs to stay at one end.

Also, do you recomend to have 3 mesh units, more than three or less?
You really should only need the router at that size. In most cases a direct signal from the router will be better than any form of repeated signal.

Just because you get more signal strength does not mean you have a better signal. Every radio hop you add adds to the latency and increases the chance that the data will be damaged and must be re transmitted.

Many people put mesh units in the remote rooms which is stupid. The mesh unit still must get the signal from the main router. If the signal is too weak for the end device to receive it then the repeater will have the same issue. It will then attempt to retransmit this data making the problem even worse. If the signal is strong then you do not need the mesh unit to begin with.

The proper placement is 1/2 between the main router and the end device. You need to be able to receive a strong signal and still transmit a signal to the remote room.

Just 1 repeater is already going to degrade your signals. Putting in 3 and having them stomp on each other is just going to make it much worse.

Mesh stuff really irritates me lately. The sell these as designer room decorations more than technical devices. They try to pretend you can just plug magic boxes in and all your wifi problems go away.

You want to not use mesh/repeaters unless you have exhausted all other options. Look at powerline or moca to extend network to the remote rooms.