how to get wifi?


Jan 4, 2017
Hello, I've been wondering for a while how I would be able to get wifi to my motherboard. I can connect it to the router via ethernet cable, and I can get internet from connecting the ethernet cable to the laptop then to the desktop, but it's very unreliable and unstable and constantly goes out. I have looked it up, and I have seen a wifi card. I checked my motherboard and it has one (mobo is a GA 78LMT USB3) but my GPU (Zotac GeForce GTX 1050, which is in the PCI Ex16 port), is blocking the PCI EX1 port, which is where the wifi card should go. The only port left is just a plain PCI slot. If I got a wifi card, would I somehow be able to put it in the PCI slot, or is there another method I'd have to do? Are there insanely tiny ones that I'd be able to squeeze between my GPU and the slot?
I have been using USB WiFi dongles for nearly 10 years on both PCs and laptops that did not come with built in WiFi. USB WiFI has gotten so much better over the years. Plus, they are cheap. If you are out of USB slots on your PC, then get a USB hub and switch one of your USB devices to that hub and put that USB WiFi dongle into the PC directly for maximum performance.


Jun 27, 2015
If there's no room inside your case, you can always get an external USB Wifi adapter. Prices are pretty similar. For the best range, look for one with a decent sized antenna. They sell models where the antenna is at the end of a cord rather than sticking straight out of your case if that's an issue, or you can use a USB extension cord.