How to get wired internet to different rooms.


Jul 4, 2015
Hello ,
This might sound stupid but I was wondering ,
I have a coex cable in each rooms , but the IT guy installed the router in the living room , how do I get a wired connection? Is it possible using the coex cable as an Ethernet cable ?


You can use Coax, yes. But, you need MoCA adapters:

They're not cheap, unfortunately.

Your alternatives would be to run Cat5e/6 (can also be ran outside, which is typically easier that fishing cables through the house) or use PowerLine (ethernet over power).

PowerLine will depend heavily on age/quality/length of your electrical wiring though.
maybe you can use a technology called MoCA.

It depends on the quality of the wires and how many splitters you have. You will want to disconnect any used coax connectors.

The other major issue doing this is if you have cable television. Many of the device have who house dvr functions and some of these interfere with the MoCA. Some actually use moca.

If you have simple cable tv boxes or are not subscribing to cable to tv the moca box tend to have a much better chance.
Assuming this is a modem+router combo box, you could had asked the cable guy to place it in the room of your choice with the coax out, assuming you have a diagram of how the coax cables are connected and whether already using an active booster. Still want to do this, u will have to DIY it now.

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