How to go from HDD to SSD+HDD(storage)


Oct 18, 2012
Hey everyone,
I tried out a ssd for the first time a few months ago for my new htpc (120gig Hyper X drive, I use a large external for the media files for the moment). Everything is great there, so I decided to do the same with my main computer. I just bought the new Samsung 256gig 840 and want to get it setup. This PC currently has a 1tb Seagate. I just need help since I've never had a computer with more than one hard drive at a time... A few questions.

After I install my current windows version onto my new ssd, how do I properly erase/format my hdd and turn it into a pure storage device (like drive F: or something)?
If my ssd is primary boot drive, will windows block it in any way or even load if they are both plugged in?
Or do i have to wipe/reformat my hdd before I install windows on my ssd?
How would I do that properly? Through a DOS boot? (something I'm not that adept with, I'd have to look up how to properly do that...)

I'm sure it's not as complicated as I seem to think it might be, but I'm just looking for a step by step, correct order to do all this, without having windows think I'm trying to run the same copy on 2 separate drives..

Thank you for your time :D

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