Question How to hand paint a pc case?

Aug 5, 2020
I'm picking up the NZXT 510 Elite (White) and other parts to upgrade my pc to follow a theme from Demon Slayer. I want to hand paint the bottom strip of the case, just the side panel window like this. I copied the image and painted over it on my iPad with a design that I had in mind: HERE IS THE PIC.

How would I actually go about hand painting? I never done it before, and a lot of the videos I've seen is just spray painting.. what would the steps be, including the prepping process? I'm not sure what the material is at the bottom. What paint or makers would work best?? I really would like this to turn out because it's a grad present to myself for finally completing my degree! The design comes from Kocho Shinobu , thanks in advance for the help!
Mask off all areas you don't plan to change. I believe that area is made of steel, but unless you want to go for a super high grade finish, I don't think the material will matter much as you'll only be sanding the original paint first and not all the way down to the bare metal. I usually go from 120 grit to 220 grit and stop there as I think the surface is fine enough, but you may consider ending at ~400 grit.
Prime and then paint while masking off the sections that have different colors. Use a high quality masking tape so that it won't peel the paint up after removal.
When you're doing all this, be sure you have plenty of ventilation and a dust free environment, you don't want a bunch of dust to settle in the new paint or you'll be sanding it over an over again. Though you'll prolly have to give it at least one fine grit sand to knock down any imperfections before clear coat anyways.

Wear gloves, you don't want your finger oils to impede adhesion.
The colors aren't likely to be common, so you may have to ask for a tinted sample.