how to install 2 different modem router on one line for using time to time


Sep 5, 2012
my current ADSL2+ modem is ASUS - N10 C1 - 150mps
and i also have a TP-LINK -- TD-W8961-ND - 300mbps
1- first of all according to higher bit rate of tp-link and in the other hand better quality and improvement of asus N10-C1 , witch one you suggest i use as default modem?

2- i tried to install tp- link on my laptop too and after resetting and installing , it wasent transfering data although it has been installed correctly
could it be because of same ip address for both?!and if it is where should i change ip on setting and give it another one like or .3 or.... .50
and generally , how should i install them both and use them each one at a time differently?

3- and finally how can i make one of them as repeater and should it be connected to default one only by LAN or it can became a repeater with wireless?
and if its possible (witch it is but i need to know the technical way) witch one you suggest i make the master or slave?
Oct 15, 2018
You should always use the better device as your primary, so in this case I'd go with the TP Link as the primary router. Then, use the ASUS as a slave to the TP-Link.

If you have Ethernet running from the primary spot to the secondary spot, then great, you will connect that cable to a LAN port on the ASUS and configure the ASUS to be an Access Point on your network. If you don't have Ethernet running, then you could use as set of Powerline Adapters like these:

I usually recommend those because they are pretty cheap for gig adapters and they're small.

As for configuring the ASUS, I believe these would be the steps:
Login to the Asus at
Set the WiFi name and Password as something unique from your TP-Link if you want to use each of the units at your discretion.
Go to Advanced Settings > LAN Settings
Change the LAN IP Address to
Click Apply
Log back into the Asus at
Go to Advanced Settings > LAN > DHCP - and disable DHCP
Click apply

After you make these changes, connect the cable from the TP link or from the powerline adapter into a LAN port on the ASUS and power cycle both units.