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How to install an email program for windows 7


Aug 10, 2012
You just gave an gmail account.
gmail is web-based, so the easiest way is Internet explorer and go to www.google.com and click sign in. After you signed in click on gmail at the top.

Windows 7 does not have a built in email program. You will need to get a copy of MS Office 2007 or up and use Outlook.

You can get the email server settings you need for Outlook from google's Help link on the bottom of the search screen.

There are also free programs like Thunderbird and Open Office.
1) Microsoft Live mail, simulater to your gmail, or a google account.
http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-live/essentials-other-programs2) Expensive Microsoft office version that has outlook (NOT OUTLOOK express) bundled.
3) 3rd partiy program such as Thunderbird, or just google 'email client for Win 7"
4) Difficault, but can be done, port windows Vista winmail over to win 7. Reaquires knowing someone who still has vista installed.

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