How to install PCIe on gateway LX6200


Oct 16, 2009
I have an "Gateway LX6200, AMD 780Gchipset, AMD Phenom X4, Vista Home Prem 64-bit, and ATI Radeon HD 3200 on board graphics.
I want to up grade to a Sapphire HD 4770 PCIe. What are the steps I need to take to get this card installed?
Thanks in advance.


Have you bought the card yet? if you have then what i am going to tell you is proberly to late. Firstly you need check the type of graphics slot that you have on your computer, it will be either AGP or PCI express. Because of your other specs im going to assume that it is PCi-express you should google and check what your motherboard has, The next step is to check your power suply, and make sure what wattage the graphics card needs and check how many wattage your psu has. Then just google how to install either PCI-express card ir alterntivatly how to install a AGP card. They are both easy to do really, if you have any more questions reply. =D

hope that helped.


Aug 19, 2008
The Gateway LX6200 has one PCI-E X16 slot, one PCI-E 1X slot and two PCI slots. It has a 400/500 Watt Power Supply.

See specifications:

1. Turn off and unplug the computer.
2. Remove the side panel, you should use an antistatic wristband.
3. You would have to remove the Sapphire HD4770 PIC-E from the antistatic bag and insert it fully into the PCI-E 16X slot.
4. Plug in the PCI-E power connector, and connect the monitor to the Sapphire card using a DVI cable.
5. Turn on the computer and in the BIOS configure the graphics from the onboard graphics to the decrete graphics card.
6. Install the latest driver from the AMD/ATI website.