News How To Install Python on Windows 10 and 11

Sep 29, 2022
Easier way: go to microsoft store -> search python 3.10 -> click install (comes with Idle and it's free)
Want better editor than Idle for python? Use VS Code (again it's on the store)
summary: easy to learn, for some odd reason still heavily used, its very literary c++ is up to 100 times faster
For people using it to test applications and do automatic testing you don’t wanna write things in C++ and this is why it’s heavily used. people use what’s easy to use and gets the job done

It’s also the language used to write plug-ins for my favorite editor, sublime text. It isn’t that slow and it’s extremely useful and that’s why it’s popular.

That said, I wouldn’t use it to write a whole application

but think of it this way, it’s a tool in your toolbox. You don’t always want to use a hammer. you want to use other tools when they fit the job


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