Question How to install RAID Driver and E7C02AMS.350 file.


Feb 2, 2014
My PC works fine and all after a recent build but it is unable to wake from sleep. Turning on off monitor or moving mouse or clicking keyboard doesn't help. Rarely, plugging out the monitor and keyboard cables and putting it back seem to work and able to wake the PC.

Checked and the setting for mouse and keyboard is active and they are ticked to wake my PC. Unsure on the issue this tried to update my MOBO drivers. Updated all less AM4_RAID_Driver_WT and E7C02AMS.350. I don't understand what I am supposed to do with these cos they have no setup exe files in it. Just some .cat, .inf and .sys files in there. I am using NVME.

So kind of 3 queries in pointers in relation to above issues.

  1. Why am I not able to wake up my PC. Is there any glazing obvious reasons someone knows or could advice to try?
  2. How do I install AM4_RAID_Driver_WT
Got this file by downloading from here
3. What do I do with the file (how to install I guess?) with the E7C02AMS.350 file.
Got this file by downloading from here. under BIOS tab.

My mother board is B450 Tomahawk Max if thats relevant.

Appreciate the help. Thanks.