Question How to install Windows 10 on a separate M.2 SSD?


Jul 15, 2011
Building a new pc with one M.2 ssd intended only for the OS, and the other M.2 SSD only for games. I have already bought an usb stick containing Windows 10. Is there an installation guide for this, maybe a Youtube video?

I’m a newbie pc builder, so need a step-by-step guide, please :) :)

Before starting the installation process it would be nice to know in advance how to do it, in order to avoid time-consuming troubleshooting once I begin installing the OS on a separate M.2 SSD.

In particular it will be helpful to know how to choose the correct SSD for the OS installation when I have two SSDs, one 1TB intended only for the OS, and one 2TB intended just for games.

Secondly, do I need to partition the 1TB ssd when I will only or mainly use it for the OS? I assume a partition is necessary since I will have to install software programs like GPU-Z and software for my sound card, and these programs are best to have on the same SSD as the OS, right?


I have already bought an usb stick containing Windows 10.
You didn't need to buy the installer, per se, more so the license key. You can fabricate the installer for Windows 10 using Windows Media Creation Tools.

Here's a guide made by one of our very own;
should help you keep your head above the water and then some more!

Please make sure though that you don't have any other storage options plugged to your motherboard outside of the USB installer and the drive you want to install the OS onto. Once your OS install is complete, install drivers manually and then shut down, then drop in any and/or all storage drives into the system.