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How To Install Windows 10 SSH Server

Advanced personalization and customization features of Windows 10 makes it very popular among people. The best feature of this version is the support provided to the universal applications. The SSH server is a software program, which employs the secure shell protocol to accept the connections from the remote system. In Windows 10, you can easily have the SSH server installed on your system. Here is how you install Window 10’s SSH Server.

Step 1
Single-Click ‘Windows’ icon

Single-Click the ‘Windows’ icon that is located on the left corner of the taskbar. You can access the ‘Windows’ option by pressing the ‘Windows button’ .

Step 2
Click the ‘Settings’ option

Now, single-click the ‘Settings’ option as shown below to view the system of the Windows 10 system.

Step 3
Click the ‘Apps’ option

In the ‘Settings’ window, you will notice settings related to the system, device, phone, apps, personalization, etc. Here choose the ‘Apps’ option.

Step 4
Click the ‘Apps & Features’ option

In the ‘Apps’ window, you will find customization settings related to all applications. Here, select the ‘App & Features’ option from the sidebar.

Step 5
Click ‘Manage Optional Features’

Under the ‘Apps & Features’ section, you can find customization settings for the applications. Now, choose the ‘Manage optional features’ link to view the optional features.

Step 6
Click ‘Add a feature’ option

In the manage optional features window, you will find a list of available features. Click the ‘Add a feature’ option to install SSH server.

Step 7
[b Install ‘OpenSSH Server’
Scroll down through the available features. Search the features to locate the OpenSSH Server. Now, select the ‘OpenSSH Server’ option and click the ‘Install’ button.

‘You can now easily install the Windows 10 SSH server by following the above steps’
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