Question How to install windows 7 from 10 downgrade


Jun 26, 2012
Hey I was on YouTube last night trying to figure out how to go back to windows 7. I was forced to update. Where is the best place to get a copy of windows?

I went on Microsoft webpage and they have changed things so you can’t get a copy I believe. I just downloaded a link from a website probably from India. I got to the windows install screen but my house and keyboard were not working as I was at the boot install screen.

I’m not sure if I should just get a dvd drive because I have a copy of windows ultimate on a CD that I got on eBay.

Any help would be greatly appreciatedThanks


Are there any issues besides cosmetics you're having trouble with? Easiest way forward if you want win7 looks is;

Win7 doesn't recognise usb3 devices, so that probably explains why mouse/ keyboard weren't working. Or there's something fishy about the iso you downloaded. For usb3 drivers if some reason can't use usb2, you need to inject usb3 drivers into the iso which there are guides showing you how. Im guessing your motherboard has usb2 ports though so if are using usb2, there's something wrong with the image.

If win7 ultimate from ebay is legit and product key valid then you could get a dvd drive.
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Math Geek

it's normal for win 7 to do that on new hardware. you have to update your win 7 iso to install on new hardware.

first step is to get a real copy of win 7.

this will bypass all the nonsense and grab the iso from MS servers directly.

the second thing to do is to update your new iso to work on the new hardware.

this will update your iso and it will install no problem. it does take a long time so start it and go to bed. it'll be done when you wake up :)

NOTE* none of this means you will have win 7 drivers for your hardware. you need to look into that BEFORE going through this effort. i have found very few parts i could not get win 7 drivers for, but that list is sure to grow as time goes by. you may have to get creative to find drivers BUT AVOID THOSE DRIVER DOWNLOAD SITES LIKE THE PLAGUE. they WILL result in your pc getting a plague and you having to start over.