Question How To Install Windows 7 on Dell Precision 7720 with Kaby Lake I5-7440HQ and Samsung NVME Drive?


May 30, 2009
I just bought a used precision 7720 from ebay. It does not come with an OS.
I was thinking of installing 7 on the laptop since i don't like windows 10 and try not to use it whenever i can.
However, i read that there could be several problems installing windows 7 on this laptop:

1) Supposedly windows 7 can't be installed on the i5-7440HQ since it's a kaby lake CPU and windows 7 is not supported on it and kaby lake only supports windows 10?

2) I heard that windows 7 can't be installed on nvme drives since it's not recognized?

3) Can i just download windows 10 from dell and install it on my laptop? The laptop comes with the service TAg on the bottom cover, but there is no CD key for windows 10, even though there is a windows 10 pro sticker on it. I've heard that most new laptops don't ship with CD keys or physical Install disk anymore right? I've heard that the windows 10 license/CD key is installed in the bios itself and should auto-activate when installed with an OEM- windows 10 iso? DOes this mean i can just download windows 10 from dell, install it, and it will be auto fully activated with no problem?

Is Anyone able to install Windows 7 on the Precision 7720 and also get their NVME to function at Full Speed?
IF you did, is there anything i should be following in particular? any Bios Settings? Thanks

Sorry for the retarded questions, I haven't updated/bought a new laptop in 12 or 13 years. My Current laptop and main laptop is still an inspiron 1520, And i still prefer windows XP. I've been using windows 7 since the last year, but still really don't have any experience with windows 8 or 10, so i'm not familiar with all it's issues.

Thanks in Advance.
1) It can be installed, windows 7 just doesn't support and won't install any kaby specific things,updates and so on.
2)The only thing that you need is the right driver for the controller your nvme drive is on,if there are no drivers for windows 7 it won't recognize it.
3)Yes windows should recognize the OEM serial but dell is not going to have a windows 10 image on their site for download,they are going to charge you...heavily.You can just download the normal windows image or installation media creator or whatever,vanilla windows is still going to recognize the dell licence.

Also if you have an active licence tied to an windows account ,basically if you use windows online mode,you can just login to your laptop with that account and it will work there as well.