How to inzip a file


Apr 22, 2011
Sorry if this is in the wrong place.Not sure where to post it.I need to update my Bios and I am going to do it by USB.So I need to learn hot to unzip the file so I can put it on the USB.
Supported - Athlon IIX4 645(ADX645WFK42GM),3.1GHz,512KB,rev.C3,95W,SocketAM3
/First release BIOS was 0402 and BIOS 0402 is required/
/The only reasons to update BIOS: RAID, Spanish and Russian Language, RAID partition above 2.2TB/

Don't use a Beta BIOS.

Use EZ Flash 2 it is a built-in App to allow the BIOS to be upgraded and USB Flash Drive is the storage for the BIOS ROM file to be stored/accessed from with BIOS EZ Flash 2. The USB Flash drive must be formatted in FAT-32.

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Examples 'when to flash':
1. CPU requires newer BIOS version
2. Non-OS Instability
3. Peripherals e.g. 2TB HDD requires new BIOS.
4. Memory compatibility ; where current RAM is causing errors or stability.

Good Luck! :)