Question How to know if PCIe x 16 is alive without actually inserting a graphics card/any other peripheral ?

May 24, 2020
I am planning to buy a graphics card, however I have some doubt about whether my PCIe slot is alive or not because of the following :

1. A few years ago my PC stopped working. The local mechanic replaced the SMPS and took out the Zotac GT 610. VGA was then directly plugged to the motherboard. I didn't ask him about what actually went wrong. (I was a novice in computers). Further, as of now I have lost contact with him.

2. In CPU-Z fields relating to "Graphics Interface" are greyed out.

3. In HWinfo, usage status of PCIe 16 is shown as "unknown". While details of PCIe 1 are properly available there even though no device is plugged into it.

4. I don't have access to another graphics to test the slot.

Below is my configuration

Processor : AMD FX 6100
Motherboard : GA 78 LMT USB 3 rev 5 (1 PCIe x 16 slot)
Planning to buy GTX 1650
SMPS : Generic brand 500w (to be replaced with Corsair Vs 450 along with the graphics card)
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Math Geek

the settings are greyed out because the slot is not active right now. you'll need to put something into that slot to see if it works. there's no way to tell any other way.

ask a friend to borrow their gpu for a few minutes and see if it works. otherwise be sure you can return the gpu you buy in case you get it and can't use it.